October 19, 2016
MD's Message On Manufacturing days

It’s Time for Manufacturing Day

In my early days as an engineering student my professor said something that stayed with me over the years. ‘As engineers’ he said ‘we help make real things. Buildings, bridges, machines, products.’ I don’t know why he had to emphasise ‘real’ as hardly anything was virtual those days.

In my career in manufacturing I realised that there was great joy in making real things. Tangibility provides a sense of immense satisfaction. Perfectly shaped ball bearings, cars being assembled or a flawless mould all give great satisfaction.

Real things dominate our lives be they buildings, laptops or the ubiquitous smartphone. Even as ‘digital’ dominates our conversations there is no software that doesn’t require a manufactured hardware to run it on.

This is where manufacturing is so critical. Every advancement we have in technology, healthcare or science is linked in some way to manufacturing. The fact that we form the backbone of most industries gives us a large responsibility. It’s important for us as an industry to acknowledge ourselves for what we bring to the world and look ahead to what else we can provide.

As an industry we have evolved just as we have evolved as an economy. Today manufacturing is a sizeable industry contributing 12% of the jobs and 16% of the GDP. (figures to be verified) As with everything else manufacturing too is getting more complex. There is a greater need for flexibility, customisation, speed, real time technology integration, innovation than ever before. We are moving towards an era where the factories in the near future and their capabilities may be unrecognizable. These are exciting and challenging times.

There are important issues in the areas of talent acquisition and retention by the industry and reskilling. There are many government initiatives like ‘Make in India’ that need to be understood and percolated down the industry for everyone to take advantage of.

The response to opportunities and solutions to these challenges can no longer be through individual initiatives. If there is one thing that history has taught us it is that collaboration trumps individual effort. In today’s world of deep interdependence there is an even greater need for us to come together as a team to share knowledge, perspectives and solutions.

BFW has been at the heart of manufacturing since 1961. We see ourselves as a company that enables progress. We develop machine tools that help manufacturing of products that improve the quality of life. We are constantly evolving to deliver better solutions that support advancement of the world. At BFW we truly believe that we are at the cutting edge of progress. We take great pride in being a part of the manufacturing industry and what we contribute to it. This is why we are hosting Manufacturing Day.

The inaugural edition of Manufacturing Day in India will be conducted on October 19th in Pune. It will be a time for the industry to celebrate manufacturing and look at our achievements together with pride. It’s an event where the industry can come together as a family and share our problems and solutions.

Manufacturing Day will feature many expert speakers and insightful panel discussions on different aspects of manufacturing. We will be forming panels for collaboration that extends beyond the conference. We believe this will kick start the kind of knowledge sharing and teamwork that will be the hallmark of working in the future. We are proud to have Manufacturing Today as our partners in this initiative.

We are committed to Manufacturing Day and from next year onwards we will be conducting it on the first Friday of October. Over the years we hope it will become one of the flagship events of the industry.

- Ravi Raghavan - MD, BFW

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