December 29, 2017
MD's Message

Exciting Times Ahead!

As we welcome another exciting new year by ushering in 2018, it is constructive to look at the highlights of the past year.

2017 was a year rich in experiences. I am grateful for the opportunities we got and the challenges we faced that helped us lift our game. Our hard work resulted in the achievement of several important milestones to position BFW for the future.

This year, we continued to see our customers’ requirements become more evolved and composite. Customers have sought our partnership by sharing their manufacturing challenges with us and asking us for solutions. Our design skills have been tested but we’ve responded with unique solutions. The result is a steady flow of high-quality, customer centric products, be it the largest machine in our portfolio DMC3040 or the smallest and fastest machine Mach 32.

This year, we continued to drive our agenda of innovation and knowledge sharing through various activities. Dr Kalam Center for Innovation, BFW’s R&D center, made considerable progress in its research initiatives. We are committed to providing a culture of continuous research, innovation and development. And, our customers will experience the benefits of our R&D in times to come. Based on our research findings, we are now filing two critical patents. Our research papers presented in the global forums were immensely appreciated.

This year, we unveiled IRIS, an innovative connected factory solution that is the first of its kind. IRIS is compatible with leading CNC brands because this is a service for the entire industry not just BFW customers. It collects data from the CNC machines and uses it intelligently. This enables a range of possibilities from preventive maintenance to better productivity. We are very excited at how we can impact the industry with this powerful offering.

This October, for the second year running, we brought the Indian manufacturing industry together to celebrate manufacturing through our initiative Manufacturing Day. This initiative has now evolved into a year-long knowledge sharing platform that will contribute to a wider range of constituents.

The positive long term economic indicators and our strategy led us to initiate creation of a new facility in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. To attain the enhanced market demand, a major facility expansion has been announced. Once operational, the facilities will help double our capacity in 2018.

In the coming year we will continue to fortify our overall potential for sustainable growth by expanding our range of products and strengthening our capabilities. We will continue to be resilient, integrated and focused with momentum on our side.

As we look forward to new challenges and greater achievements in 2018, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your invaluable support thorough the past years. Hope we will remain to be partners in progress, and pursue breakthroughs and value creation together in the spirit of fulfilling our goals.

May 2018 bring you much success, opportunities and prosperity.

- Ravi Raghavan - MD, BFW

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