May 22, 2018
MD's Message

Building On Our Strengths!

Like many Indians, I follow cricket though I rarely get time to follow the matches, but from what I have seen, some of our success mantras are on display by the teams in this IPL and I feel this is a good time to share these.

Backing our strengths: A lot of the ‘Man of The Match’ winners talk of how they succeed by backing their strengths. I agree with this approach, it’s important for one to identify and back one’s strengths. This is as true for companies as it is for individuals. At BFW, we are clear that design is our core strength along with innovation, and every time we meet a customer we back our strengths to solve our customers’ manufacturing challenges.

Teams: One of the captivating aspects we can see in IPL is power of teamwork. Teams with superstars and no team spirit can flounder while teams without multiple superstars can create amazing results. We always focus on building strong teams and one of the criteria we expect when we are hiring is the team spirit in the prospective employee. I strongly believe teams that work together get rewarding results. It’s all about harnessing talent and providing it with a shared purpose.

Building Partnerships: Teams that have the most successful win ratio are teams that consistently building strong partnerships. One of the table toppers in IPL has consistently shown the importance of building partnerships while batting, bowling and fielding. I believe that partnership is the key factor to achieve success in all the aspects of our lives. A successful partnership enhances the impact and effectiveness of action through combined and more efficient use of resources; promotes innovation; and is distinguished by a strong commitment from each partner. We have always looked at building strong, long-term partnerships with our customers and associates. This in turn helps both the partners develop and grow together leading to success.

Speed and Agility: For anyone who has seen cricket across different eras must have noticed that the one standout feature players have is the sheer agility whether batting, bowling or fielding. Ones turn into twos as batsmen decide and grab extra runs. Fielders too are able to cut off runs through amazing reflexes and desperate dives. The game of cricket has become much faster, the same way as business has. We need to open our minds to new requirements, new ways of doing things and make sure we become faster and faster because time is even more valuable than money. We have accelerated our response times in many areas and we will continue to keep our foot on the accelerator.

This IPL continues to be hard fought and full of lessons on competing in today’s world. May the best team win!

Warm Regards,

Ravi Raghavan - MD & CEO

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