May 29,2020
Kuldeep Engineering Works

Kuldeep Engineering Works is a Tool room established in Faridabad in 1996 specializes in making complex progressive Stamping Dies for different domains, mainly into Automotive and consumer electronic domains.

The tooroom recently bought BFW double column machine Virat 1020 for machining stamping dies. The Director of the company Mr. Sandeep Choudhary said, “Our stamping dies are bigger in sizes in length and width. The length ranges from 1.5 to 2 m and width is near to 1 m. After reviewing various machine tools we decided to go for BFW Virat 1020.The machine is a tailor-made product for us. The machine is very rigid and strong. The important key feature of the machine is the column and cross rail is single piece casting and comes with inline spindle configuration. The large table capacity allows nearly all parts that have to be machined”.

            He also added, “We needed a machine with balanced speed and torque. Virat 1020 double column machining centre feature a powerful BT50 inline spindle. The low base-speed of the spindle provides more torque for the machine and higher speed at 6000 rpm provides better surface finish. So, I can have both roughing and finishing on single setup”.

“Progressive tools are very complex. The dies that we manufacture contain extremely fine repetitive features, such as pilots, blank position, blank boundary and 3D profile forming which require highly repeatable processes within 10 microns,” said Mr. Choudhary.

Masters in Making Progressive Stamping Dies
Based in Faridabad

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