Combination of perfect design & functionality with proven track record
  • Next-Gen High Performance HMC
    Orion Series of Next-Gen Horizontal Machining Centers set new benchmarks in specifications and performance. It is a result of Indo-German engineering excellence for clients seeking cutting-edge performance.
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  • Moving column ram-type HMC
    These machines are customizable to suit specific customer needs and suited for machining lines. Ram spindle helps in taking the spindle very close to the component, helping in reducing tool length & improving tool life, cutting parameters & accuracies.
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  • T-type HMC
    Prima has many innovative & first-in-class features, each of them contributing to enhanced reliability, performance & productivity. Prima will prove to be a significant asset with great features that address varied requirements of our customers.
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  • Proven HMC Tech for Large-sized components
    The combination of Rock Solid rigidity, power & longevity are the hallmarks of i-series HMC’s. Best suited for large sized components, designed in Germany, perfected over time & have several hundred installations across India.
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  • Moving column HMC
    These versatile moving column horizontal machining centres offer high level of flexibility & are configurable to suit various configurations like with / without pallet changer, Only B-axis, Only A-axis, A+B axes, etc.
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