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XTRON 544+

XTRON 544+


“Xtron+ Series have been developed to setup high productivity benchmarks with
superior performnace & ergonomic friendly features”
“High-speed spindle gives you unmatched speed, high feeds and best accuracies
for the most complex applications.”

XTRON+ Series – Next-gen VMCs, engineered for enhanced machining performance.

    • Ac servo drives
    • AC variable speed spindle motor
    • Hardened and ground ball screws
    • Feedback through absolute encoder
    • Automatic tool clamping – unclamping
    • Centralised automatic lubrication
    • Spindle taper air blow
    • Telescopic covers with wipers
    • Full machine guard
    • Manual pulse generator
    • RS232 serial / USB interface
    • Levelling pads
    • Maintenance tool kit
    • Electronic counter balance


  • Coolant gun
  • Air gun
  • 3 Tier lamp
  • Ring coolant around spindle
  • Rigid tapping
  • AC for electrical cabinet
  • Air nozzle
  • Fixed Column Technology
  • Modualar design
  • CAE based optimal structural design for thermal stability
  • Designed to suit adaptability of different kinds of coolant and chip handling systems
  • High quality spindle on precision bearings eliminates vibration under heavier cuts
  • Automatic front door
  • Edge finder
  • Rear chip disposal
  • Chip conveyor in lieu of coolant tank with chip tray
  • 2 /3 axis with linear glass scale feedback
  • 16 / 25 / 40 bar coolant through spindle
  • Provision for 4th axis rotary table
  • 4th axis rotary table
  • Voltage stabilizer
  • Ultra isolation transformer
  • Increased day light area through coloumn raiser block
  • Spindle mounted probe
  • Table mounted probe
  • Hard part probing

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Capacity Unit XTRON 544+
Table longitudinal travel (X – Axis) mm 500
Table cross travel (Y – Axis) mm 400
Headstock travel (Z – Axis) mm 400
Spindle nose face to table top mm 150 – 550
Increased daylight area with column height block (Optional) mm 350 – 750
Distance from Floor to table mm 975
Spindle center – column front distance mm 480



Table Unit XTRON 544+
Table size mm 700 x 410
T – Slot (No. / Size / Pitch) mm 3/14/150
Max. Load on table Std. Kg 300


Spindle and Axes

Spindle taper BT-40
Spindle speed – Std (Belt driven) rpm 8000
Spindle speed – Opt.1 (Belt driven) rpm 6000
Spindle speed – Opt.2 (Belt driven) rpm 10000
Spindle speed – Opt.3 (Inline) rpm 12000
Spindle power – Std KW 5.5/7.5
Rapid & Feed
Rapid traverse – X/Y/Z – Std. m / min 48
Feed rate mm / min 1 – 10,000


Automatic Tool Changer

Automatic Tool changer Unit XTRON 544+
Tool change system Twin Arm
Tool storage capacity – Std. / Opt. Nos. 24
Pull Stud MAS 403-P40T-I
Max. Tool dia with all pockets full mm 75
Max. Tool dia with adjacent pockets empty mm 140
Max. Tool length mm 250
Max. Tool weight kgs 8
Tool to tool time sec. 2.5


Accuracy as per ISO 230-2

Accuracy as per ISO 230-2 Unit XTRON 544+
Positioning mm 0.01
Repeatability mm 0.007


Installation Data

Floor Space (L x B) mm x mm 2250 x 2420
Machine height (H) mm 2600
Basic machine weight kgs 4000
Total connected load (Basic standard machine) kVA 18


XTRON 544+ information

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