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m2nxt: The End-to-End Solution for Smart Manufacturing



m2nxt is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd. (BFW), India’s leading solution provider in the area of machine tools & other devices on the shop floor. m2nxt provides end-to-end solutions for smart manufacturing, using both cyber-physical systems and physical automation solutions.

m2nxt has a wide range of capabilities in the areas of smart manufacturing, including:

Process engineering

m2nxt can help manufacturers design and manufacture jigs and fixtures, which are tools that are used to hold and position workpieces during manufacturing. Jigs and fixtures can help to improve accuracy, productivity, and safety.

Cyber automation

m2nxt can help manufacturers use technology to automate manufacturing processes. This can be done by using robots, sensors, and software. Cyber automation can help to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality.

Physical automation

m2nxt can help manufacturers use low-cost automation solutions, such as pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. Physical automation can help to improve productivity and efficiency in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Built on a vision to help Indian manufacturers become more productive

m2nxt is built on a vision to help Indian manufacturers become more productive, efficient, and competitive in the global market. By addressing the SMART needs of manufacturers, m2nxt can help them achieve their goals and become global leaders in manufacturing. To learn more about m2nxt, please visit our website.

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