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High-precision machinery and custom solutions manufactured with the use of next-generation technologies.

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Vertical Machines

VMC (vertical machining centers) machines full form such as High-speed VMC, CNC Vertical Milling, Fixed-column VMC, and more.

Horizontal Machines

HMC (horizontal machining centers) machines such as HighPerformance HMC, Non APC HMC for Machining Lines, etc.

5 Axis Multi-process

5-axis CNC (type of computer numerical control machine) machining solutions, such as Swift Nx, Orion Fx, and CL 500.

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Horizontal turning

CNC horizontal turning machines such as Rhino, Helix, Orbitur and Neo from HTL series and PL 500, 600 from PL series.

Vertical lathes

Vertical lathe machines now offer the BVL Series, featuring turret-type, milling-head-type, and ram-type configurations.

Innovative Technologies

Custom solutions

BFW understands that manufacturers face many different types of challenges which often require custom solutions. Challenges range from space constraints to a need for modularity, and productivity constraints to the ability for a single machine to do multiple functions. A thorough assessment of the manufacturer’s requirements allows us to think of relevant solutions.

We initiate the process with a comprehensive assessment of your current situation and present multiple solutions for you to choose from. Solutions sometimes require us to develop something completely new that pushes the boundaries of our design, technology, and innovative skills. But that’s precisely why these challenges enable us to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Once you’ve chosen a solution, we leverage our cutting-edge technologies and approaches to create it. Our services also extend to offering installation, training and maintenance services.

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Years Of Experience

Our core values

At BFW, every strategic decision is made in alignment with our core values – customer focus, innovation, integrity, and teamwork.

Enabling Progress

More than a machine tool manufacturer

BFW was established in 1961 in collaboration with Fritz Werner Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, Germany. Over the last 60 years, our constant effort has been to safeguard the trust that our customers have bestowed upon us. Despite our transformation from a traditional machine tool manufacturer to a NexGen technology solutions provider, our core values haven’t changed.

We acknowledge our responsibility as one of the industry leaders and pioneers, continuously investing in setting standards of excellence and technology leadership through initiatives in R&D and innovation.

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Learn more about our projects and customers, events and conferences, organization updates, and the latest product news.

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The success stories of our local and global customers over the years.


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Latest product news regarding development, launches, and more.

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Contact us online or join us at one of our events to explore potential partnerships and collaborations. Our custom solutions are manufactured using cutting-edge technologies and the latest methodologies.

With Focus On Innovation

Smart technology solutions

Innovation and development are our highest priority. Our strategic investments in research are a testament to our commitment to lead the way for the industry. 

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced solutions like IoT, robotics, and data analytics to lead the current industrial revolution.

Factory Automation

Get higher production with reduced lead time with advanced automation.

Additive Manufacturing

We use additive manufacturing for a variety of applications in its manufacturing processes.

Dr. Kalam Center for Innovation

World-class research and development center established by BFW in Bengaluru, India.


Tech Centers

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Make a difference

Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of humanity through technology. But we can’t achieve that without you.

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