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Horizontal machines

Off-the-shelf HMC machine full form solutions, designed to be readily available without the need for custom manufacturing, catering to a wide range of situations and industries. These solutions provide efficient and versatile options for businesses seeking high-quality machining capabilities, enabling them to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

High Performance HMC

Excellent precision with the use of high-precision components and thermo-friendly features.

General Purpose HMC

Decades of experience to design Prima Pro HMC with next level performance and productivity.

Two Way HMC

The finest product built with decades of research in machine tool manufacturing.

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Contact us and let’s explore potential partnerships and cooperations, either online or join us at one of our events. Our custom solutions are manufactured with the use of cutting-edge technologies and the latest methodologies.

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We’re excited to announce you that we’ve successfully launched our new online portal, where you can purchase and configure your Standard machines directly. Currently available only for local Indian customers.