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With Focus On Innovation

Smart technology solutions

Innovation and development are our highest priority. Our strategic investments in research are a testament to our commitment to lead the way for the industry.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced solutions like IoT, Robotics, and Data Analytics to lead the current industrial revolution.

Factory Automation

Get Higher Production With Reduced Lead Time with advanced automation.

Additive Manufacturing

We use additive manufacturing for a variety of applications in its manufacturing processes.

Dr. Kalam Center for Innovation

World-class research and development center established by BFW in Bengaluru, India.


Tech Centers

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Manufacturing facilities have a lot going on with various machinery, tools and equipment running simultaneously. The shop floor’s...

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Introduction The term “case transaxle” refers to an integral component within an automotive transaxle system that combines the...

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Customised yoke machining solutions for reduced setup change time and 100% accuracy for an automotive manufacturing company. Introduction...

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of manufacturing, bringing forth a new era of efficiency, precision, and...

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Digitalisation has helped the manufacturing industry in many ways, particularly by introducing remote monitoring and control to the...

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Lean manufacturing is a concept and a toolkit that helps reduce waste, optimize processes, and add value to...

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The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing process involves pre-programmed computer software led functions. CNC is used to manage...

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Explore the latest tech trends revolutionizing manufacturing, from advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to IoT integration. These innovations...

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Introduction A prominent automotive manufacturer specializing in production of advanced braking systems, aluminum lightweighting precision solutions, and safety...

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Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), often referred to as metal 3D printing, is a cutting-edge manufacturing technology that has...

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Automation and connectivity have become increasingly important in the machine tool industry. Machine tools are being integrated with...

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