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Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of humanity through technology. But we can’t achieve that without you.

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Leap into the Future

In 2022, BFW launched the LEAP initiative, a bold step towards realizing our global aspirations. LEAP stands for


Ethical Behavior

Agile Practices


LEAP is a commitment that shape our identity

With LEAP, we embark on a transformative journey, propelling ourselves into the league of Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology Groups. This initiative isn’t just about growth; it signifies our commitment to evolving as a brand that encompasses global products, solutions, cultures, values, infrastructure, processes, and partnerships.
LEAP encapsulates our unwavering commitment to key imperatives that shape our identity and operations:

Join the Best and Thrive in an Optimal Environment for Personal and Professional Growth

At BFW, we understand that strong teamwork, mutual respect, and continuous investments in growth are the keys to reaching new heights. Our commitment isn’t just to the organization; it’s to your personal and professional growth alongside us. That’s why we place a strong emphasis on helping every individual flourish and discover new opportunities.

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BFW subsidiary BAMPL is Hiring, feel free to apply

Thank you for considering BFW as your future workplace! We invest a significant amount of energy and focus into creating an excellent workspace, offering numerous opportunities and promising careers. If you’re interested, please feel free to provide us with more information. Please note that only relevant candidates will be contacted.

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