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BFW creates turnkey brake drum machining solution for a metal manufacturing company


Drum brakes are a significant component in vehicle systems, featuring brake shoes that exert force on the rotating drum wall to halt motion. This system provides a fundamental and cost-effective solution for automotive braking needs.

Geographically, the automotive drum brake market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and other regions. Asia Pacific currently commands a significant share of the global market and is projected to maintain its leadership throughout the forecast period. Key contributors to this dominance include rapidly developing economies like India, China, and Japan, driven by expanding industrialisation.

In 2023, the Automotive brake system market reached a value of USD 23.5 billion, with projections to reach USD 30.1 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 5.1%. This growth trajectory is fueled by factors such as the implementation of stringent safety regulations, which are anticipated to boost demand for automotive brake systems.

About the client

Our client is a metal  working company with a three-decade presence in India. The company is classified as a Small Enterprise and specialises in the production of basic metals, and primarily engages in the manufacture of other nonferrous metals working.

Challenges and requirements: 

The Input material was as cast and had to be completely unmanned. One of the challenges was deciding upon the points of clamping with casting as heavy material removal was to be done on ID. Another challenge was to reduce the cycle time from 8 minutes to 6 minutes.

Our solution

  • We settled with three jaws pull down chuck with a carbide gripper.
  • For the tooling type and tool holder types, we chose tuned boring bars for finishing and steel boring bars for roughing.
  • Additionally, we chose ceramic inserts for roughing operation with heavy material removal. 
  • The component was to be clamped at a high hydraulic pressure up to 25 bars during roughing and again reducing it for the finish cut.
  • The most difficult task was to reduce the cycle time from 8 mins per component to 6 mins.

We closely collaborated with our client for this 15-month project to incorporate inputs and ensure the best possible outcome. 

This particular machining solution was exhibited at IMTEX 2023 as one of BFW’s major highlights to emphasise BFW’s competence and innovation around Industry 4.0. Alongside, we showcased m2nxt IRIS. Our client was beyond excited to have this machine showcased at IMTEX.


BFW’s customised brake drum solution delivered impressive production optimisation for the client, leading to notable enhancements in productivity. Reduced cycle times per shift contributed to a substantial uptick in output. By leveraging our automation system, the client successfully streamlined operations, reducing reliance on human resources and achieving significant cost efficiencies.

  • Improved efficiency: Transitioning from pre-machining to utilising As-cast component input resulted in significant time and cost savings for our client.
  • Rapid production: Our customised brake drum machining solution helped streamline the component manufacturing process bringing down the cycle time to 6 minutes. This reduced cycle time improved our client’s production efficiency.
  • Automation integration: We seamlessly integrated unmanned operations within the brake drum machining solution, leveraging Industry 4.0 capabilities, to enhance productivity and reliability of the manufacturing process.


Incorporating BFW’s brake drum machining solution marked a significant leap forward in our client’s manufacturing processes. The transition from manual processes, fraught with challenges and constraints, has been dramatically enhanced through automation. This upgrade plays a pivotal role in optimising the overall manufacturing workflow for our client.

Partnering with BFW offered additional advantages, including fostering long-term customer relationships, providing dedicated support, offering emergency assistance, extending post-installation services, facilitating training opportunities, and enabling seamless pathways for future automation upgrades. 

Our collaborative alliance with the client has proven mutually beneficial, delivering substantial gains in operational efficiency and ensuring long-term success.

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