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‘Think Solutions’ means we analyze your situation with our outside-of-box thinking and conduct thorough research to define solutions. We also don’t stop by identifying one solution to your requirements. Instead, we look at multiple solutions which allows us to offer different options for you to choose from.

Solutions sometimes require us to develop something completely new that pushes the boundaries of our design, technology, and innovative skills. But that’s precisely why these challenges enable us to drive forward the development of humankind.

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BFW's Vertical Machining Centers bring efficiency to milling Aerospace components …


Completely Tooled-up Machining Solutions for automotive parts, including engines and more.

Medical Engineering

End-to-end Solutions for Medical Engineering and Equipment Production…


Wide range of offerings in Machine tools, CNC, Lathe, Turning Machines for Electronics…

Die & Mould

BFW VMC delivers precision and reliability for Growing Mould Base….


Leading Solutions for forging, presses, fabricating & sheet metal…

Oil & Gas

BFW pumps in processing plants for operation and reliability of this special-purpose equipment.


Create a highly efficient and adaptable production environment.


BFW's custom machining solutions to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving energy sector.

Consumer durables

BFW optimizes supply chain management and enhances product quality.


BFW's custom solutions to ensure high performance, safety, and reliability in the industry.


End-to-end solutions for the Agro sector to meet the growing global food demands.

Auto components

We offer custom manufacturing solutions for all sorts of auto components.

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Manufacturing facilities have a lot going on with various machinery, tools and equipment running simultaneously. The shop floor’s...

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Introduction The term “case transaxle” refers to an integral component within an automotive transaxle system that combines the...

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Customised yoke machining solutions for reduced setup change time and 100% accuracy for an automotive manufacturing company. Introduction...

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of manufacturing, bringing forth a new era of efficiency, precision, and...

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Digitalisation has helped the manufacturing industry in many ways, particularly by introducing remote monitoring and control to the...

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Lean manufacturing is a concept and a toolkit that helps reduce waste, optimize processes, and add value to...

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The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing process involves pre-programmed computer software led functions. CNC is used to manage...

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Explore the latest tech trends revolutionizing manufacturing, from advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to IoT integration. These innovations...

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Introduction A prominent automotive manufacturer specializing in production of advanced braking systems, aluminum lightweighting precision solutions, and safety...

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Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), often referred to as metal 3D printing, is a cutting-edge manufacturing technology that has...

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Automation and connectivity have become increasingly important in the machine tool industry. Machine tools are being integrated with...

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