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M2nxt, a subsidiary of Bharat Fritz Werner designs metal-pouring automation solutions for a leading die-casting foundry


Our client operates within the die casting foundry industry. The process of die casting involves the injection of molten metal into moulds or dies. This advanced die casting method helps produce intricate and complex metal components that display a high degree of accuracy and consistency. 

Specialising in aluminium dies and die castings, our client uses die casting to produce  aluminium components with tight tolerance, smooth surfaces, and superior structural integrity. This makes die casting an ideal manufacturing process with versatile applications across various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics. 

Moreover, manufacturers are increasingly turning to automated pouring solutions in the pursuit of operational efficiency, convenience, and high-level precision. 

With increasing demands for quality standards, metalcasters are actively seeking more control over the pouring process. This is precisely where the expertise of manufacturing automation companies comes in. As pioneers in the field, the manufacturing excellence of M2nxt, plays a crucial role in improving manufacturing standards to meet the quality requirements of today’s dynamic industries.

The client

The client is a leading aluminium die casting foundry based in India. The company offers international standard aluminium die casting parts. With a diversified approach to aluminium casting, they employ the High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC), Low Pressure Die Casting (LPDC) and Gravity Die Casting (GDC) processes.

Known for providing a comprehensive suite of products, the client provides end-to-end solutions — from casting design to ready-to-assemble parts. With over two decades of commitment and expertise, our client has established its position as a leading engineering foundry, equipped with a modern manufacturing facility, utilising cutting-edge engineering tools and serving critical needs of the industry.

Highlights of the case

Our client sought an automation solution to optimise their die casting process specifically customised for pouring molten aluminium. Auto-pouring for metal die casting is a transformative solution that helps improve control, efficiency, and accuracy, leading to the production of high-quality castings. 

The demand for automation in metal pouring has been increasing, particularly in high-production job shops. The advantages of automation help meet this demand.  

Automation improves pouring control, speed and volume and also eliminates tasks that pose potential danger when performed manually.

By incorporating automation, our client wanted to enhance operational capabilities and continue their commitment to safety and the production of top-tier castings for the industry.

Client requirements and challenges:

  • The challenge of manually controlling the pouring process
  • The need was for higher control and monitoring
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Need for auto-pouring efficiency for high-quality parts
  • Higher efficiency and precision


This project required designing and creating an automated system for controlling aluminium pouring into dies. 

BFW’s subsidiary company, m2nxt, provided a Gantry automation solution for our client — a robotic system that automates the metal-pouring process.

Solution description

M2nxt’s solution made the machine operator’s task simple — the operator can request the pouring of molten aluminium into the die with just one click on the machine.

The Gantry moves the various parts involved in the process to perform in tandem in the required orientation. The Gantry engages in multiple tasks, such as sensing the level of molten metal, moving in time to pour the metal into the die, and pouring at the required speed.

m2nxt smart and innovative Gantry systems come with advanced features, such as an easy set-up guide, production data, dynamic display of gantry positions, configuration set up and diagnostics capabilities, that made our collaboration with the client smoother. Our post-installation services ensure best customer experience and satisfaction for our clients.


The implementation of the BFW m2nxt solution proved instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency on the shop floor for our client, delivering a marked improvement in consistency across results. 

Our state-of-the-art automation system significantly reduced errors and heightened overall accuracy and efficiency in the manufacturing processes.

It is worth noting that die casting inherently demands substantial energy consumption. In this context, our meticulously designed automation solution not only facilitated speed but also introduced a level of control that translates into tangible cost savings for our client. 

The seamless integration of our technology streamlines operations, minimises wastage, and optimises resource utilisation, positioning our client for sustained success in a competitive manufacturing market.

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