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M2nxt, a subsidiary of Bharat Fritz Werner helps an engineering design company with automation solutions for punching on fuel tanks, increasing productivity, and improving shop floor safety.

Introduction Punching on a fuel tank refers to the manufacturing process of creating holes, perforations, or openings in a fuel tank using specialised machinery or tools. This punching operation is crucial for various purposes, including installing fuel system components, ventilation, or integrating sensors and fittings.  The process involves precision engineering to ensure the accurate placement […]

BFW’s solutions for a precision manufacturing company propel Atma Nirbhar Bharat

BFW’s customer is a precision components manufacturing solutions company. They cater to various industries, including aerospace, general engineering, and electronic segments. The company’s manufacturing facility is well-equipped to offer complex and high-precision components. The company aims to be the preferred supplier for complex, precision, mid-sized engineering components and subsystems. It plans to achieve this by […]

Improving efficiency through case transaxle machining solutions for the largest Japanese car maker in the world

Introduction The term “case transaxle” refers to an integral component within an automotive transaxle system that combines the functions of a transmission and axle into a single unit. The case transaxle houses various gears, shafts, and other essential components that facilitate power transmission from the engine to the wheels in front-wheel-drive and some rear-wheel-drive vehicles. […]

Customized yoke machining solutions for reduced setup change time and 100% accuracy for an automotive manufacturing company.

Customised yoke machining solutions for reduced setup change time and 100% accuracy for an automotive manufacturing company. Introduction In automotive manufacturing, a yoke component is crucial. It ensures the efficient and coordinated operation of various mechanical systems. The term “yoke” generally refers to a device that connects or couples two or more parts. It allows […]

Achieving Unmatched Precision & Productivity: BFW’s Impact on Precision Component Production

Introduction A prominent automotive manufacturer specializing in production of advanced braking systems, aluminum lightweighting precision solutions, and safety control cables embarked on a mission to elevate their precision manufacturing capabilities. As their business continued to expand, they faced the challenge of serving a diverse range of vehicle segments, including motorcycles, scooters, passenger vehicles, and commercial […]

Product Range: Pattern Machining

Nelcast is the Largest Jobbing Foundry in India for the manufacturing of Ductile & Grey Iron Castings. Established in 1982 with a modest capacity of just 1,000 Metric Tons/Year, Nelcast has focussed on producing superior quality castings for a wide range of Industries. Nelcast’s Gudur plant started commercial production in 1985. The plant exclusively produces […]

BFW VMC’s Delivers Precision, Reliability for Growing Mould Base Business

BFW VMC’s Delivers Precision, Reliability for Growing Mould Base Business Mould Base Machining M/s Orange City Alloys Pvt Ltd is one of the leading steel manufacturers and steel suppliers in central India over past four decades. In 2017 company started its mould base business to cater growing tool room activities in India. The company manufactures […]

SB Pattern: Solution provider for medium to large-size aluminium and wooden patterns

Company: SB Patterns Product Range: Pattern machining, Shell moulded component machining, general engineering. SB Pattern, one of the well-known pattern makers in Belgaum Karnataka, started in 1984 with all conventional machines. To meet the customer and industrial demands, SB Pattern got into CNC world in 2011 by purchasing their first CNC machine BFW BMV 60. […]

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