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BFW Milestones & Brand legacy

Enabling progress to manufacture products that enhance the quality of life and betterment of mankind

Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd. (BFW) is a pioneering name in machine tools, manufacturing solutions, and technological innovation. Established in 1961 as a flagship company of the Kothari Group, BFW has evolved into a global leader that embodies values, vision, and an unwavering commitment to progress.
With over 60,000 installations in 18 countries, BFW operates in 15 countries through channel partners. Its sales and service network is available at 48 locations in India, with five tech centers and a network of dealerships.
BFW has an excellent design and engineering capability and two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants. It provides solutions that cater to the performance, productivity, and reliability expectations of diverse industries, such as aerospace, automotive, die & mold, forging, valves, railways, and more.
BFW has continuously invested in R&D and launched the Dr. Kalam Center for Innovation in 2016 to create applied R&D for next-generation manufacturing technologies. BFW was recognized as one of the top 25 Most Innovative Companies in India at the prestigious CII Industrial Innovation Awards. It was chosen from over 600 companies across the nation.
BFW has integrated m2nxt Solutions as a wholly owned subsidiary, offering advanced manufacturing solutions that encompass Industrial IoT, data analytics, robotics, fixtures, and 3D printing. This subsidiary specializes in optimizing manufacturing processes for enhanced efficiency.
Furthermore, BFW has introduced BAMPL, another wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to providing precision component manufacturing solutions tailored for the aerospace, defense, electronics, and medical sectors. This subsidiary is a testament to BFW’s commitment to serving specialized industries.

Solutions sometimes demand the creation of something entirely new, pushing the limits of our design, technology, and innovative capabilities. However, it is precisely these challenges that empower us to propel the advancement of humankind.

Our Vision

We aim to be among the top 20 machine-tool manufacturers globally by setting next-generation standards of excellence & technology leadership with happy and passionate stakeholders.

Our Mission

At BFW, our mission resonates with unwavering clarity: we enable progress. Our innovation and technological offerings contribute to industry advancements and societal betterment. 

What we believe in

BFW Values

We uphold a set of core values that form the foundation of our identity.


We integrate sustainability into every facet, from manufacturing practices to long-term business partnerships.

Inclusivity & Diversity

We believe in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and the broader society.

Respect & Partnership

We forge enduring relationships with partners worldwide, from businesses to communities.


Innovation isn't just a concept; it's a driving force that propels us to explore better, more efficient solutions.


Our commitment to ethics and professional conduct guides every endeavor.

Human-Centric Approach

We place respect and understanding at the core of our interactions, strengthening stakeholder bonds.

Company insights

BFW in numbers

For over six decades, BFW has consistently set new benchmarks to outperform its past achievements and set new milestones — satisfying diverse customers, reaching global markets, and delivering sustainable value.

Solutions sometimes require us to develop something completely new that pushes the boundaries of our design, technology, and innovative skills. But that’s precisely why these challenges enable us to drive forward the development of humankind.

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Years Of Experience

Join our Global network with over 60 000 machine installations

Contact us and let’s explore potential partnerships and cooperations, either online or join us at one of our events. Our custom solutions are manufactured with the use of cutting-edge technologies and the latest methodologies.

BFW Legacy

A Glimpse into History

Fritz Werner Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH Germany established BFW in Bangalore in 1961 in collaboration with others. Since then, BFW has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of manufacturing technology. From our early days of milling machines to our pioneering of the first CNC Boring and Milling Machine in India, our history is marked by innovation, determination, and industry leadership.

The LEAP initiative marks our journey to become a Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group.
Establishment of m2nxt, an advanced manufacturing solutions subsidiary.
Dr. Abdul Kalam Center for Innovation
Launching the Dr. Abdul Kalam Center for Innovation (R&D Center).
Acquisition of Matec
Acquisition of Matec, Germany, bolstering our global presence.
First to obtain ISO 14001:2004
Becoming the first Indian machine tool company to obtain ISO 14001:2004 certification.
Recognition as an R&D facility
Recognition as an R&D facility by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.
The first CNC Boring and Milling Machine
Introducing the first CNC Boring and Milling Machine in India.
Order for Tata Tech Center
Completing the first bulk order for Tata Tech Center, Singapore.
Organization initiative

Leap into the Future

In 2022, BFW launched the LEAP initiative, a bold step towards realizing our global aspirations. LEAP stands for


Ethical Behavior

Agile Practices


LEAP is a commitment that shapes our identity

With LEAP, we embark on a transformative journey, propelling ourselves into the league of Global Advanced Manufacturing Technology Groups. This initiative isn’t just about growth; it signifies our commitment to evolving as a brand that encompasses global products, solutions, cultures, values, infrastructure, processes, and partnerships.
LEAP encapsulates our unwavering commitment to key imperatives that shape our identity and operations:

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