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Swift Nx

Swift Nx

Swift Nx5 | Swift Nx8

Swift Nx series designed for high precision, complex machining requirements. Machines built with robust FE optimized structure, high-speed motorized spindle. Integrated cradle-type rotary table gives precise indexing accuracy & high surface finish. Chain-type tool magazine, isolated from the working zone helps for higher productivity and better ergonomics.
BFW State-of-the-art five axes platforms, innovative designs as an Import substitute to meet advanced manufacturing requirements.
Swift Nx is extensively applied to the industries of Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Energy, and further more…

Simultaneous fulfillment of high productivity & more reliability in the manufacturing setup. Known as a profit-making partner in your shopfloor.

  • Precise ball-screws for all linear axes
  • Backlash & pitch error compensation
  • Automatic centralised grease lubrication system
  • Electronic counter-balance for the vertical axis
  • Energy saving function
  • Basic coolant system – Dual Conveyor with bed wash & flood coolant
  • Rigid tapping & retract function
  • 3-tier signal tower lamp
  • Coolant gun
  • Tool life management
  • Absolute encoder for all axes
  • 15″ color Multi-Touch display
  • Linear, circular & helical interpolation
  • Machine alarm diagnostics
  • Motorized spindle
  • Siemens Sinumerik One with M dynamics
  • Tool magazine – 32 tools (Chain type)
  • Roller type guide-ways for all linear axes
  • Air blast for spindle taper cleaning
  • AC unit for electrical cabinet
  • Machine lamp
  • Operator door safety interlock
  • Five axes are equipped with scales for linear axes & absolute encoders for rotary axes as a standard to ensure
    precise complex 5-axis simultaneous machining on complex parts
  • High Torque built-in spindle speed 12,000 to 15,000 RPM
  • The Gantry structure of the machine features high rigidity
  • Tandem control/ Gantry drive for tilting axis
  • High-pressure coolant through the spindle system
  • Protect my machine to avoid collision
  • Spindle probe
  • Mist collector
  • Cad model post processor
  • Standard tool holders
  • Laser system to measure tool offset & tool breakage NC 4
  • Machine color as per customer requirement
  • VCS – Volumetric Compensation System

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Specification Unit Nx5 Nx8
Table size mm ø 500 ø800
Job size (Max) Dia × Ht mm*mm ø 630*400 ø1000*500
Max safe load on the table kg 400 1000
Distance from table top to Spindle face mm 100-700 125-725
Distance from Table top to floor mm 1100 1110
X/Y/Z axes mm 700/795/600 1100/1100/600
Feed rate mm/mm 1-20000 1-20000
Rapid traverse X/ Y/ Z axes m/min 50 40
Acceleration m/s2 0.5 0.5
A axis rpm 16 16
C axis rpm 60 60
Type Motorised Motorised
Power – Cont. kW 27.5(40) 40
Max Torque – Cont./ Int. Np 75/103(100/140) 100/140
Max speed – Cont./ Int. rpm 12000/15000 12000/15000
Tool Interface HSK A63 HSK A63
Automatic Tool Changer
No of Tools – Std (Option 1, Option 2) No 32 (40, 60) 32 (40, 60)
Max tool dia with all pockets full mm 75 75
Max tool dia with adjacent pockets empty mm 125 125
Maximum tool length mm 300 300
Tool weight kg 8 8
Chip to chip time (mm) as per ISO 10791 – 9 sec 7.5 8
Accuracy as per ISO 230 – 2
Linear axes
Positioning A mm 0.006 0.006
Repeatability R mm 0.004 0.004
A axis – Tilting Table
Positioning A arc sec 10 10
Repeatability R arc sec 8 8
C axis – Rotary Table
Positioning A arc sec 10 10
Repeatability R arc sec 8 8
CNC System Simens Sinumerik One Simens Sinmuerik One
Installation Data
Basic weight of machine kg ~16,000 ~18,000
Floor Area for Std. Machine W × D × H mm 3260*4550*4300 4070*5100*4480
Total connected load kVA ~60 ~75
Compressed air bar 6 6
Power supply
415 V ± 10 % AC, 50 ± 2 % Hz, 3 phase
415 V ± 10 % AC, 50 ± 2 % Hz, 3 phase

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