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BMVPro 9500 HD | BMVPro 9500 HS

BMV Pro series of Vertical Machining Centers have been designed for various machining requirements to achieve better surface finishing, cycle time, and process capabilities for various applications. Suitable for Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mould, and General Engineering segments.

Providing utility, flexibility, productivity, and ensuring competitive advantage to manufacturing setup.
It is a result of seamlessly combined 6 decades of BFW manufacturing experience & renovated series from the proven & benchmarking technology developed to match PAR with global standards.
The Innovative, successful BMV Pro series has been introduced to empower our customers to achieve competitive manufacturing.

  • AC Servo drives
  • AC variable speed spindle motor
  • LM Roller Guideways
  • Hardened & Grounded Ball Screws
  • Automatic tool clamping & declamping
  • Centralized automatic lubrication
  • Spindle taper air blow
  • Coolant gun
  • Air Gun
  • 3 tier lamp
  • Ring coolant around spindle
  • Air nozzle with M code
  • Maintenance tool kit
  • Front chip disposal
  • Electronic counterbalance for std configuration
  • High-dynamic structure
  • Heavy duty Roller LM Guide ways
  • High-Performance Spindle – The spindle of the machine is designed and
    manufactured at a dedicated clean room facility in-house at BFW factory
  • Auto Tool Changer (An option of 24 tool magazine is available)
  • Heavy duty stretched ball screw assembly for better rigidity
  • Easy operating & Maintenance
  • Rear chip disposal
  • 4th axis readiness


Capacity 9500 HS 9500 HD
Table longitudinal travel (X-axis) mm 900
Table cross travel (Y – axis) mm 500
Head stock travel (Z – axis) mm 500
Spindle nose face to table top mm 100-600
Distance from(Spindle Center to Column front) mm 525
Distance from floor to table mm 950
Table size mm 510*1100
T – slot (No./ size/ pitch) mm mm 3/18/0165
Maximum load on table standard kg 500 900
Rapid traverse X/Y/ Z Axis m/min 48/48/48 40/40/40
Accelerations-X/Y/ Z Axis m/min 1G/1G/1G 0.8G/0.8G/0.8G
Feed rate mm/min 1-20000 1-10000
Spindle Drive: STD Incline Drive Belt Drive
Spindle Taper Type HSK-A-63 BBT-40 BT-40 BBT-40
Power: Mitsubishi: S3/ S2 (30 min)/ Continuos kW 15/11/7.5 15/11/7.5
Max speed: Std (option) rpm 10,000(12,000) 8000(6000)
Automatic Tool Changer: Twin Arm
Tool change arm length mm 22.5 265
Tool change time (Tool to Tool) Sec 2.2 2.42
Tool change time (Chip to Chip) Sec 3.5 4.5
Tool change system Nos 24 24
Pull stud-MAS 403 Type P40 T-1 P40 T-1 P40 T-1
Maximum tool with all pocket full mm 75
Max tool dia adjacent pockets empty mm 125 140
Max tool length mm 250
Max tool weight kgs 7
Accuracy as per ISO-230-2
Positioning Accuracy mm 0.01
Repeatability Accuracy mm 0.008
Installation Data
Floor Space (W X D) mm*mm 2400*2200
Machine height (H) (Z-Full stroke upwards) mm 2600
Basic machine weight (Apprx.) kgs 5000
Total Connected load (Basic Machine) KVA 26 22

CNC Prospects

Features Mitsubishi M8OV
Display 10 4″ color | C
Maximum feed ayes 5
Number of simultaneously controllable axis 4
Minimum input increment 0.0001 mm, 0.0001 deg
Spindle speed function 5-digit S code
Spindle speed override 50-120% (in steps of 10%)
Feed override 0-200 %
Feed rate command 4-digit F code
inch- mm conversion S
Part program storage length 2MB
Number of part programs
Number of sub program call levells 10
Single block , Exact stop, Dry run S
DNC operations RS232C/SD
Run hour and part count S
Help function, Graphic display S
Embedded ethernet. Front USB interface S
Fast ethernet/ data server S
Machining condition selection system S
High speed skip or probe runction S
Dynamic graphic display, Direct robot control S
Built In WLAN & Screen Monitoring. QR code machining S
Multi touch gesture. Cutting Load Control S
Image input interference, 3D machining solution S
Parameter adiust Screen for High Accuracy Control S
Linear, Circular & Helical interpolation S
Absolute/ incremental programming S
Tool radius compensation S
Canned cycles for drilling and milling S
Work piece co-ordinate svstem 54 pairs
Background editing, Backlash compensation S
Pitch error, Bi-directional pitch error compensation S
Polar co-ordinate, Scaling, mirroring S
History of operator alarms and messages S
Look-ahead function 2020 STD
Custom macro B/ parameter programming S
Simple tool life management, Multi language display S
Program restart/ block search in CE card S (in SD/USB)
Program edit in CF Card S (in SD/USB)
Nano Interpolation. Manual pulse generator S
Automatic data backup. Cutter compensation S
Cylindrical interpolation, Spline interpolation – 2 S
Tool Cutting point Control for 5 axis machining S
Machining program management, OMR- CC S
4th axis / 4th 5th axis O


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