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Achieving Unmatched Precision & Productivity: BFW’s Impact on Precision Component Production


A prominent automotive manufacturer specializing in production of advanced braking systems, aluminum lightweighting precision solutions, and safety control cables embarked on a mission to elevate their precision manufacturing capabilities. As their business continued to expand, they faced the challenge of serving a diverse range of vehicle segments, including motorcycles, scooters, passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles. They recognized the need for cutting-edge milling machines to support their expansion plans.

The client sought to acquire high-precision milling machines and approached their OEM client, a leading two-wheeler manufacturer in India, for a reference. The OEM recommended BFW machines for components requiring the highest levels of precision. Although initially hesitant because they exclusively used Japanese machines, the client eventually decided to purchase six BFW machines, solely for manufacturing components for the OEM. The exceptional performance of the BFW machines ultimately convinced them to extend their utilization to serve other clients. 

Over time, the client increased their orders, and BFW became a trusted partner. In a span of less than three years, the client had procured more than 120 machines, with BFW forming a substantial portion of their plant’s machinery.

Customer requirement

  • Precision: Our client faced the challenge of designing a component for an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, but were unable to achieve the desired precision. This precision is crucial to meeting the stringent requirements of the automotive industry, particularly within the fast-growing EV sector where NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) levels play a critical role in ensuring proper electromagnetic functionality.
  • Delivery time: The client wanted an urgent delivery of a few machines, including both standard and custom-designed machines. 
  • Customized solutions: Given the client’s specific requirements, BFW needed to develop a thoroughly conceptualized and customized solution based on our standard High-Speed Machines. Our approach aimed to maintain minimal delivery time and achieve cost efficiencies per component.


To address the client’s unique challenges and meet their objectives, our design and engineering team devised a comprehensive and innovative solution. We chose High Speed Vertical Machining Centers, which can provide the right combination of agility and rigidity. The machine was equipped with specially designed workholding systems and customized tooling to deliver exceptional accuracy in component manufacturing, all while delivering unmatched material removal rates and productivity. The solution factors included:

  • Application Engineering

Our application engineers closely collaborated with the client’s team to understand their specific requirements and tailor the machining solution accordingly, ensuring the finer details of the requirement were met. 

  • Custom Workholding and Tooling Design

BFW designed the workholding and tooling to suit the critical accuracy requirements of the component. Moreover, we ensured the customer’s ease of procuring the tooling in the long run, thereby strengthening our partnership with the client. 

  • Value Addition 

BFW was able to provide a solution where the critical requirements were met: 

> Bore cylindricity within 6 microns at 160 mm depth

> Total runout of the main bore within 25 microns

> Bore position within 40 microns 

  • Post – Sale Service

BFW continues to provide dedicated service support to the client, with on-site engineers available to ensure seamless operations.


The collaboration with BFW has proven highly successful for the automotive manufacturer. Through the integration of BFW’s advanced milling machines equipped with cutting-edge technology, the client achieved unparalleled precision in the manufacturing of aluminium components. BFW’s expertise in custom part design and the development of specialized machines addressed the client’s challenges, enabling them to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry, including the demands of the EV sector. 

The performance of BFW machines outperformed the previously used Japanese machines, setting new industry standards. As a result of this successful partnership, the client has gained a competitive edge in their market. The dedicated support provided by BFW’s on-site engineers ensured seamless operations, further solidifying BFW’s reputation as a reliable and innovative machine company in the automotive machinery sector.

Departments Worked With

  • Design and Engineering
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Procurement

BFW’s value to customers

  • BFW’s machines feature the latest technology, ensuring unmatched precision and accuracy.
  • BFW collaborates closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their unique requirements, offering tailored solutions.
  • BFW designs custom machines to meet the diverse needs of its clients.
  • BFW’s post-sale service ensures seamless operations and quick issue resolution.

BFW going above and beyond

BFW not only supplied advanced machinery but implemented a new process to enhance the speed of machine delivery, enabling our client to meet commitments to their clients.


BFW’s partnership with the client has resulted in significant advancements in aluminium component manufacturing. The unmatched precision and accuracy achieved through BFW’s cutting-edge technology have positioned the client as a preferred supplier in the automotive sector. BFW’s collaborative approach and dedication to customer success have solidified its reputation as a reliable and innovative machine company.

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