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Bharat Fritz Werner, India (BFW) & xBeam (Ukraine & USA) announce an exclusive Collaboration

Bharat Fritz Werner, India (BFW) & xBeam (Ukraine & USA) announce an exclusive Collaboration in Technology, Manufacturing & Sales, for Making, and Marketing & Supporting xBeam3D Electron Beam-Wire-Vacuum Chamber-Large Format metal AM-Directed Energy Deposition systems in INDIA

xBeam offers a pioneering Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing solution technology and machines that enable very fast printing of purest quality/zero contamination, in a vacuum atmosphere, with a process built around welding wire of various thicknesses from 1 mm to 3 mm diameter, as the safest, cleanest, and most affordable metal feedstock in the market. A key specialization and proven track record is in processing and printing reactive alloys, especially Titanium and Niobium alloys.

BFW is the leading CNC machine tool manufacturer and industry 4.0 solution provider in India. BFW is a pioneer in machines and machining solutions. BFW recently announced its entry into the Laser-Directed-Energy-Deposition for manufacturing & marketing L-DED machines which utilize powder and wire feedstock, in open and controlled atmosphere chambers, with gantry and robotic solutions.


  • – The first machine to be built will have a part build envelope of approx. (xyz mm) 3000 x 1800 x 1600.
  • – Deposition rates nominal 2-4 kg/hour, extreme 8-12 kg/hour.
  • – Real-time closed-loop feedback control to manage all deposition parameters and metallurgy.
  • – Patented unique co-axial wire feed Electron Beam gun, requiring lower power, & requiring lower vacuum.
  • – Specialization in processing Titanium, Niobium, Nickel & Steel alloys with resulting properties like forged/wrought.
  • – Made in India prices start at US$ 2.5M for the Grand-2 (above), plus options, installation, services, and spares.
  • – Note that literally any size machine can be built based on end-user requirements.

“We consider India as one of the most important upcoming markets in the world for manufacturing technology. This exclusive collaboration between xBeam’s innovative and patented technology, and BFW’s strong brand, position, and incredible innovation & engineering capabilities in India, will bring truly cutting-edge solutions to India and many other regions. BFW’s technical & execution teams are truly remarkable and a pleasure to work with”
-Dmytro Kovalchuk, Founder, Inventor, and Chairman, xBeam

We are very impressed with xBeam’s unique and innovative Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing Technology. Our collaboration opens doors for developing an array of industrial applications yielding a competitive advantage to customers in India and around the world. We are very excited about the future as Bharat Fritz Werner and xBeam both share a common vision of providing futuristic and customizable
solutions to our markets”

– Ravi Raghavan, MD, BFW

The first Electron Grand-2 powered by xBeam Technology will be available for delivery by the end of CY 2023 and is being built for major Aerospace End Users.

About BFW & m2nxt:

Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd. (BFW) is India’s leading solution provider of machine tools, and manufacturer of horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, horizontal turning centers, vertical turning centers, multi-process technologies, five axes simultaneous machines, special machines & customized solutions. m2nxt, is a leading solution provider in industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing. m2nxt is a wholly owned subsidiary of BFW. BFW, a flagship company of the Kothari Group, was established in the year 1961 in collaboration with Fritz Werner Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH Germany and has an installed base of more than 60,000 CNC machines & automation systems today. Notably, BFW & m2nxt is also the ONLY machine manufacturer of industrial, grade and medium, large, and very large Laser-Directed-Energy-Deposition (L-DED) platforms in India.

For more information, contact:
Mr. Jagannath, COO, M2NxT at
Mr. Dmytro Kovalchuk, Chairman, xBeam at
Mr. Ashok Varma, EVP, BFW at

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