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Exploring Predictive Maintenance in the Machine Tools Industry

Manufacturing facilities have a lot going on with various machinery, tools and equipment running simultaneously. The shop floor’s smooth functioning depends on how well the tools and machines are maintained.  In many cases, shop floors operate without a planned maintenance strategy. This often leads to unforeseen downtime due to unexpected failures. While scheduled maintenance involves […]

Improving efficiency through case transaxle machining solutions for the largest Japanese car maker in the world

Introduction The term “case transaxle” refers to an integral component within an automotive transaxle system that combines the functions of a transmission and axle into a single unit. The case transaxle houses various gears, shafts, and other essential components that facilitate power transmission from the engine to the wheels in front-wheel-drive and some rear-wheel-drive vehicles. […]

Customized yoke machining solutions for reduced setup change time and 100% accuracy for an automotive manufacturing company.

Customised yoke machining solutions for reduced setup change time and 100% accuracy for an automotive manufacturing company. Introduction In automotive manufacturing, a yoke component is crucial. It ensures the efficient and coordinated operation of various mechanical systems. The term “yoke” generally refers to a device that connects or couples two or more parts. It allows […]

AI Trends in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of manufacturing, bringing forth a new era of efficiency, precision, and innovation. From Bi-directional flow of information facilitated by AI applications to the use of AI-powered production lines, BFW is embracing and exploring the power of Al in many of our machine building processes in the new plant […]

Digitization of Manufacturing Processes: Remote Monitoring & Control

Digitalisation has helped the manufacturing industry in many ways, particularly by introducing remote monitoring and control to the factory floor. In our increasingly connected world, digitalisation is a critical factor in the success of manufacturing companies. Legacy systems of smaller-scale businesses and organisations may sustain manual dependency, but for large-scale manufacturing businesses, investing in the […]

Applying Lean Tools in Machine Tools Industry: Cross Learning From Automotive Sector

Lean manufacturing is a concept and a toolkit that helps reduce waste, optimize processes, and add value to customers. This method was first used by the Toyota Production System. It has since gained widespread adoption in the automotive sector.   Over time, other industries learned from the automotive industry’s use of lean tools. In this blog, […]

Spindle Collision

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing process involves pre-programmed computer software led functions. CNC is used to manage and control various kinds of manufacturing processes, including those that involve grinders, CNC routers, lathes, and milling machines. Alongside, some manufacturing processes utilize cutting-edge technologies such as robotics, to automate tasks, enhance efficiency and streamline production processes. […]

Tech trends in Manufacturing

Explore the latest tech trends revolutionizing manufacturing, from advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to IoT integration. These innovations enhance efficiency, optimize processes, and shape the future of the manufacturing landscape. We have put together the top 5 manufacturing trends that are changing the face of manufacturing.

Achieving Unmatched Precision & Productivity: BFW’s Impact on Precision Component Production

Introduction A prominent automotive manufacturer specializing in production of advanced braking systems, aluminum lightweighting precision solutions, and safety control cables embarked on a mission to elevate their precision manufacturing capabilities. As their business continued to expand, they faced the challenge of serving a diverse range of vehicle segments, including motorcycles, scooters, passenger vehicles, and commercial […]

Additive Manufacturing

Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), often referred to as metal 3D printing, is a cutting-edge manufacturing technology that has revolutionized the way metal parts and components are produced. Unlike traditional subtractive manufacturing methods, where material is removed from a solid block to create a part, metal AM builds components layer by layer, offering unparalleled design flexibility […]

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